NiMH trickler?

Hi all,
For years, I've been trickle charging my NiCad flight packs by plugging my
wall warts into a timer, & letting them charge for about 20 min. each
day(after a full charge, of course). This way they're always ready to fly
when I am. I've recently gotten active again in this hobby after a ten year
haitus, & when i left, NiMH was just coming on the scene, now it seems to
have a major piece of the pie. My question is - Is this way of trickle
charging acceptable for use with NiMH batteries?
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Yes, That will keep them happy as long as the wall warts have at least C/20 charge rate for whatever cells you are charging. Most wall warts are around 60-70 mA so this would cover you for 1200 to 1400 mAh packs. Remember however that they will take more than the normal 14-16 hours to fully charge a fully discharged pack. -- Red S. Red's R/C Battery Clinic
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