Owner of Hitec/Multiplex

As Doug pointed out in another thread that I was wrong. However, about a
year ago I had come across a link to a letter written by Mr Chun Sue
Park, Owner of HitecRCD, that he had purchased Multiplex, that they
would not be merged and kept separate companies.
I can't find that link any longer, so things may have changed. Sorry for
any misconceptions.
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Vance Howard
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I thought it was pretty much known that this was in fact the case.
However the lack of info is certainly interesting.
If anyone knows, I for one would like to know too.
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The Natural Philosopher
Multiplex - Hitec ownership
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Original Press Release ex Multiplex:
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Press Release from MULTIPLEX 17th December 2002 Change of ownership On Thursday last week we were informed, that MULTIPLEX has been sold to Hitec. The new owners are Messrs. Park. The new president Mr. Chun Park and the managing director Mr. Melchert were introduced to us yesterday.
The new company is named MULTIPLEX MODELLSPORT GmbH+Co.KG, seated In Niefern, Germany like before. All staff will be taken over and we do business as usual. We are pleased to continue to service all our English MULTIPLEX dealers and our Co-distributor Flair products.
Royal evo As your editors probably know we started to supply the new Royal evo radio in November. The resonance from all English dealers I visited last week of November was very positive. We are proud to inform furthermore, that we started to deliver about a week ago the Royal evo 9 and 12 channel synthesizer-transmitters and the synthesizer RF-modules to upgrade basic Royal evo transmitters bought already.
K.-H. Hentschel Exportmanager" ===================== regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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