Trainer cord FMS simulator program to Spectrum DX6?

I've read of a program --Smart Propoplus-- that says if I down-load
it..---and-- make up my own cord, I can use "any" transmitter to train on
the FMS program. Has anyone done this on the Spectrum DX6?. The site
certainly implies that it works with lots of TX's.
Is there a reasonably priced cord I can just buy? I have no problems with
the soldering etc...but..I'd like the facts before I jump it...I surely need
the training... Thanks Rich
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GWS makes a USB cable for JR (Spektrum is the same, made by the same company, my DX7 works fine with it). It's only $10 + shipping. They're also available for Futaba/Hitec.
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It doesn't come with a disk, you download the drivers from the GWS website....
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