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I'm learning to fly a Global Right Flyer 60. When I started, we put my plane on my brother's frequency and used his Hitec Flash 5X as master, with my Futaba 6XAS as student. I have the Hitec 'one way' trainer cord.

Due to scheduling conflicts last time we flew, my brother needed his TX to stay at his house; so we set up another 6XAS as the master for my trainer.

My question is: Is it OK to use the Hitec cord with two Futaba radios? The 'notes' on Tower Hobbies web site recommend the Hitec cord when Hitec is master and the Futaba cord when Futaba is master. It works fine in my garage. I just want to be sure I will not hurt either radio or lose a plane. A Futaba cord is not really expensive, but I do not want to buy it if I do not need it.

Thanks in advance.

--------- Carrell

If three different people tell you what you're about to do is a bad idea, at least one of them might be right.

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The deadly combination is Futaba transmitter with Hitec student box on the Futaba cord. Hitec's cord has a diode, which the Futaba doesn't have. Your set up is fine. It's not a bad idea to remove the antenna or crystal in the student radio since they do get turned on accidentally.

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John Alt

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 21:38:44 -0700, John Alt

I'd remove the crystal, not the antenna.

Removing the crystal ensures that the Tx does not generate RF, so it transmits nothing, as desired in the student radio.

Removing the antenna, OTOH, may or may not damage the TX's output stages due to the absence of the proper antenna load. It's best to not run the risk. Removing the crystal works prfectly and is safe on the Tx.

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I believe that would just make the TX not tune the output, but still could fry the output section of the TX. Better off, unplug the battery. Plus the fact that crystals are somewhat delicate, and not meant to be plugged in an out frequently without possible damage to the crystal.

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Better off, unplug the battery.

JR sets do not work as a buddy box unless the battery is in


PS: As far as I can remember, without the xtal the RF stage will not oscillate and therefore no RF output.

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No need for that unless your radio is steam driven.

So does plugging in the cord on most radios, it disables the RF side.

It's extreme paranoia to remove the crystal and something I bet the manufacturer doesn't recommend.

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The Raven

"David" wrote in message news:

Simple, use the factory cord and follow the instructions. Yet to see a single manufacturer tell you to remove batteries or crystals from the radio....that's just paranoia.

Fitting the correct cord and operating it to manufacturers instructions results in the RF stage being deactivated.

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The Raven

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