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Short answer: no.
Longer answer: please don't.
Explanation: This is not a web site. It is a news service. By convention (a convention NOT accepted by all members of the group), groups in the rec.* hierarchy are understood to be text-only.
If you want to see photos, you can find zillions of RC pages out on the internet. If you want to show photos, there are free pages available on which you can post them.
Some people also use an alt group to post rc photos. I don't go there because I subscribe to newsguy on their text-only system.
Here's my RC web site:
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Others answered your question, but please do post pics to the site. Its desperately in need of some eye-candy that doesnt belong to walter colby. 8)
If i sound jealous, well, i am. Bitterly.
Id throw some pics of my girl on there, but - well, she aint so pretty. Niether is my plane. Besides, i cant fly and take pics at the same time (yet) Mike
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======================= If your news server carries it, you can post your photos to:
Then post a note here to let us know there is something to see in the other group.
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