RC Sportsman Magazine Plans from long ago Where did they go?????

HI All,

Does any one know if there is a plans archive anywhere that might have saved any of the old RC Sportsman Magazines airplane plans. Is there Any currently published magazine that may bought the rights or took over the rights to the RC Sportsman plans? Some of the plans were pretty neat.

Specifically I am looking for October, 1979, the Bristol Scout C #3026 Design and Drawn by Ed Stinson. I have been given a very delicate copy of the plan for this plane. The plan is in such tough shape I don't think it is useable. It was taped together badly and the lines do not match up so building on the plan might be impossible and it may not stand up to copying. I have done a Google search and have found no references to this magazine or anyplace that might have this particular plan or plans from this magazine.

Any suggestions in finding this plan are greatly accepted.

Thanks for all your help.

Happy Flying, Bill

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Bill Verge
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Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:

Here is a link you can try for the plans.

formatting link

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Ted Campanelli

Ted, Thannks for the link. I have been there on the keep sake web site. I haven't found what I want there.

It is a shame that all the plans that RC Sportsman published through the years are lost , perhaps, forever.

I am still hopeful that some one may know where they are and that they are available to the public.

Thanks for your help

Happy flying, Bill

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Bill Verge

I used to write a column for R/C Sportsman. Unfortunately, all my magazines burned up in a fire years ago! If you find someone with the mags, let me know too....OK? I need copies of my articles for my portfolio.

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I would be gald to let you know what I find. But you did not give me your Email address or any other way to contact you.

Please Email me your address so I can keep intouch with you.

Happy Flying

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