First solo flight.

Well, not entirely true, I've been flying 3 channel electric gliders
for awhile. But, this was my first nitro plane, a .60 Alpha Trainer.
I've had the plane for two months polishing, admiring, and "breaking
in" the Evolution .61 engine. Since our rc airport is closed because
of the snow and mud, I went out to the high desert that has a smooth
blacktop road running straight across it. I loaded two planes in the
truck and headed out. I first flew my Terry trying to loosen up. Then
I fired up the big Evolution, did a range check and then taxied around.
Very manuverable. When I ran out of excuses I lined up and gave it
the gas. As expected it started drifting left but I got off the ground
before there was a problem
The first thing that occured to me is "this thing is BIG" Throaty
growl and the sound of air rushing over the flying surfaces was very
noticable. I trimmed it out and flew. Now this is flying! After
wimpy speed 400 and 600 I had a handful of muscle. Half throttle was
plenty and full throttle had it climbing for the clouds. I did plenty
of slow fly bys down the "runway" to see how slowly I could fly. It was
beautiful, gleaming red in the sun, engine running perfect at one third
throttle and leaving a trail of smoke (new to me) but I was alarmed at
what seemed a fairly good clip would stall the aircraft. I guess eight
pounds is eight pounds regardless of the trainer design. Glad I found
this out, I would have crashed on landing for sure. After a full
twenty minutes it was time. I still came in a bit slow and stalled the
plane two or three feet high, landing on the nose wheel with a thud,
the plane did one hop and landed on its feet. Not a scratch. Fewwww,
I was soaked in sweat and my mouth was very dry. That was just about
as good as life gets. I had the same indescribable feeling I did two
years ago when I learned to fly (self taught all the way) a foam piper
cub for the first time, and when I learned to slope a sailplane with no
instructions except the seagulls. Pure exhilleration and the good
feeling of pulling it off against the odds. I am sooo hooked. Dan
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I just noticed your message. Thanks for sharing that. I really enjoyed reading your message.
I've been out of RC for a while now but have had many great experiences of flying by myself or with friends.
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Congratulations, Dan! There's nothing quite like the exhilaration of getting a new plane up in the air and down again without rekitting it. Next time, come in a bit faster and raise the nose just before touchdown to get it to land on the main gear. That'll keep it from bouncing! :-)
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Morris Lee
I will, I will! I can't wait! I have to wait out a few days of weather though. Thanks for your enthusiasm. I got my private pilot's license in the 1990's. This is harder. Dan
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