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| He who dies with the most stuff wins.
| Long story short, Dad won.
Sorry to hear that.
| I'm sick of listing stuff on Ebay. I've been trying to settle the
| estate for 3 years.
Recently the club I'm a member of (HCAM here in Austin, TX) was
contacted by the widow of one of our own -- she was ready to do
something with all his R/C stuff, and she had a whole *house* of it.
Our club ran an auction before a fly in. It took about 3 hours to
auction off all the stuff, but it went very well -- she got several
thousand dollars (seriously, he had a full house full of stuff) and we
all got some good deals on lots of planes, tools and chargers (every
lot had a charger or wal-wart of some sort, it seemed.)
I believe that she sent the club a check for about 1/3rd of the total,
but I don't know if we kept it or not. Certainly, we didn't expect
her to pay us anything.
Contact the local club. Especially if your dad was a member, they'd
probably be more than willing to take care of all of it for you. And
even if he wasn't a member, there's a lot of camaradre and many
members may know of him. And they'd probably love to a chance to buy
some of his stuff.
I could find more details, but that's really about all there is to it.
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Doug McLaren
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Mike, Sorry for your loss. I was the President of my club about 3 years ago when an elderly club member that could have been described as your dad passed. The daughter contacted me. He had spare engines, balsa by the truckload, several dozen planes all in various states. Old magazines, sereral hundred props, plans, scratch built planes that knowbody had any idea what they were. What we did was go over and organize and prize the big stuff, ran an add in our club newsletter. We priced the stuff to sell, not to get top dollar. This got rid of most. Remaining items went on a list to other clubs with prices. The ods 'n ends' that were left went to a swap meet. This process took sereval months. They went home with a pocket full of money and empty handed.
Mike Poche wrote:
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Mike... Contact the following...I think they can help you. M.E.C.A... " Model Engine Collectors Assn. Try..Bob Mc Clelland, 3007 Travis St. ,West Lake LA,70669.Phone337-436-3732. E-mail . Also try Woody Bartlet, 3706 N.33rd St. Galesburg,MI, 49053. Phone..269665-9693..E-mail Ask them how to get an add in the MECA bullitin. You may have to join MECA, costs $30, but will give you access to a thousand members who are interested in buying the stuff you've got. Good Luck,
Pete Baylinson
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Peter Baylinson
Mike.... Your" Everytime I sell something I feel like I'm stabbing him in the heart" rang a bell with me. My dad died many years ago, and I still feel the way you do. However, it just ain't're not stabbing him, you're passing the stuff he loved on to people who will appreciate it. That's just what he would have wanted. Good luck, Pete Baylinson
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Peter Baylinson

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