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Unless it reflects into your sunglasses as a heads up display, you'll be

> spending a lot of time with your head down. The only possibility I can see > is a lot of midairs. > > Yeah, I'm a dream crusher. > Don > > > HI all - question... Is there gear on the market that allows an RC > airplane > > to transmit avionics back to the operator so that info such as attitude > and > > air speed can be displayed on the ground? Just a simple artificial horizon > > and airspeed would do... Just think of the possibilities :-) > > > > > >
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One of the closest products is this product. Although it does not transmit the info, I would think that you could setup an interface unit that could be used to transmit the data to a ground station and display it on a laptop or into a eyepice while flying the airplane safely. You could also tie it into a 900 Mhz or 2.4 Ghz video camara.

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one thing I would like to see is a G meter to determine how many G's your airplane is pulling in manuavers. John

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John Graham

Thats pretty close. Just need to transmit info to ground station in real time. Receiving info on an wireless .11b system would be perfect. It wouldnt require flight surface inputs only accelerometer and velocities.

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RC beginner

I think the miltary has a bunch of those.. You can get gear at

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Or, you can judge your airspeed by the posistion of your left hand on the stick, or just look at the plane. Unless it's real small, it's easy to see if it's level or not

Last winter, I put on a pair of VR glasess picking up the video from the left wing of a Morris Profile plane. When the plane started doing snap-rolls, I had to get those glasses off before I lost my lunch!

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