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Hi all. I am a music professor at Baruch College and a composer. I am collecting sound material for a performance of a musical-theatrical event based on the classic American novel "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac, using an idea by composer John Cage. The performance will include a live DJ, jazz musicians, and audio recordings of sounds from cities Kerouac visited on his road trips across the U.S. This is a nonprofit project.

TO PARTICIPATE IN THE KEROUAC PROJECT I am trying to obtain ambient recordings of sounds in the following cities in Arizona mentioned in Jacks' book: Tucson, Indio, Blythe, Salome, Benson, Flagstaff, Tombstone. If you wish to participate in the Kerouac Project, you can simply record the sounds that occur at a location in one of these cities. It can be at a location that you feel is characteristic of the city or of a particular area in the city. Or you can choose a location by chance.

This is not a contest, and sounds don't have to be "interesting." We are looking for sounds that are part of the environment at the location, so just record whatever sounds you find there without knowing exactly what they will be. If "nothing happens" that is ok too. Very sparse and very soft sounds are fine.

We are not looking for recordings of sounds that you intentionally produce or cause to occur, recordings with added commentary, or recordings of people playing music (unless music happens to be a part of the environment).

This project cannot provide monetary remuneration but your participation will be acknowledged if your recording is used and if we have your permission in writing. Submissions can also be sent anonymously.

SPECIFICATIONS Minimum length = 30 seconds, maximum length = 6 minutes. Use any recording device (tape or dvd recorder for example) but please send ONLY ONE unedited recording from a single location. Please send as an AUDIO CD (or audio flash card) labeled with the name of the city.

Deadline: May 31, 2005.

Send to : Prof. Marc Thorman Baruch College VC 7-235 New York, NY, 10010

Thank you.

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