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I started teaching my son last year when he was nine. We were using a PT 40
trainer. At that age he was hot and cold, but he always enjoyed going out to
see his old man fly. For Christmas last year I bought him a 4*40 kit which we
built together. When the summer started and he was ten, we both got serious
about him learning to fly. Within a six weeks, practicing once or twice a week
with his trainer, he had soloed. By August he was ready to jump to the 4*
He flew for the later part of the summer, but we both felt too nervous about
him soloing on it. Early next summer, after he gets a hopped up engine for it
for Christmas, he wants to start soloing on it. He is even talking about
wanting floats for it so he can join me during float flies. I hope he
continues in the sport as he gets older. It would be nice, twenty years from
now, to flying with him.
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| And a kid will learn to fly easier than you. Been there and seen that over and over.
Our kids will learn *anything* faster than us! And it seems, to me at least, that it gets even faster with each generation. :-) If it keeps up at this rate, one day our kids will be born with all the knowledge of their predecessors. THEN we'll have hell to pay! >;-)
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