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I have experience with this airframe. I have the Graupner Extra 300S a

well as the Seagull Extra 300. They are the exact same plane The buil is identical, except for monokote color scheme and the Seagull ha metal pushrod tubes whereas the Graupner has plastic tubes. Everythin else is the same. That being said....there is discrepency between win area. Graupner lists it as 639 and Seagul at 768. It has bee determined that Seagull is including the belly pan portion of the win in its calculations whereas Graupner does not. Anyhow....same wing fo both planes....same dimensions, same wing cord and root, etc. All part are interchangeable between the two brands.

Flight report. My graupner used a twin cylinder Satio FA90-ts. Goo power at 1.2HP, but not unlimited vertical. If you can get the HP abov

1.2, you'll be in the sweet zone. Of course, my plane was a bit heavie then most since I needed to have an onboard glow driver system and 2n battery(this added about 5-6oz total. My plane weighed in at 7 pound 14oz dry and flew very well. The only issue to watch out for is goin toooo slow. It will stall on you and drop a wing and spiral down. Kee the speed up above the 1/3 throttle area during normal flying an you'll be fine. When landing, carefully slow down and do so on th approach, not while banking. Once over the theshhold, it is safe t throttle down if your about 15-20 feet off the ground.

Now for the bad news. On my graupner, I had issues with keeping bot cylinders lit(reason why I had onboard glow). It would drop a cylinde occasionally and I would have to fight the throttle stick and plane t keep enough speed to keep fliyng and at same time get the throttl below 1/2 to get the glow driver system to engage to try and re-ligh the 2nd cylinder. Well, I lost that battle on the 4th flight of th plane and could not get the 2nd cylinder to ignite again. I lost little too much momentum and therefore the plane stalled the left win and ropped lock a brick and smush.

So, new plane(aka Seagull) will be set up the same, except the onboar glow will be activated up to 1/2 throttle instead of 1/4.

If using a single cylinder, you shouldnt have the problem....just mak sure the motor is well broken in because this plane really does no like dead is a very accurate rendition of the real plan and flies very close to that

-- kahlo

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