Decathlon .40 ARF by SEAGULL

I am thinking of getting Decathlon .40 ARF by SEAGULL from Horizon and was wondering if anyone can speak to the quality of the Seagull kits. I plan on making a night flyer out of this plane so i will be doing some modification to put lights in the wing and fuselage. I can't find any manual or other information about this kit on the web. I'm hoping the wing is a D-Tube design, because I think that will make some of my modifications easier. Also does anyone know what covering material is the best to patch the holes I will need to cut? Thanks for the help.

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Chris W
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There's a review of it on RC Universe (RCU). Here's the link:

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has also been quite a bit of discussion in the ARF forum at RCU. Overall, it's received good reviews. I've got one, but it's still in the box waiting to be built. No free memory slots on the transmitter right now so it's waiting.

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