the Jumping Jack Electric ARF Pattern Plane

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce to you a new Electric
airplane that will blow you away. It is manufactured and distributed
by FlitonUSA.
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::::: THE JUMPING JACK Electric ARF :::::
Wingspan: 39"
Wing Area: Approx. 255 sq. in.
Weight: (fully built) 16-18oz.
Colors Available: Red / Transparent
Description: The Jumping Jack ARF is unlike anything in its class, as
most everyone will read about in the March issue of Quiet Flyer. With
top notch engineering, quality and design, this airplane surpasses all
of its competition. It is constructed of the finest lightweight
balsa, all laser cut to precision. Included is a 2 piece wing,
fuselage, turtledeck, cowl, rudders, ailerons, elevator(s), landing
gears, landing suspension, push rods, and linkages. The kit comes
together extremely well and comes complete with a full set of thorough
instructions and decaling. All components are custom covered with
FlitonUSA covering and boxed in a double currogated damage controlled
box. Quality Unmatched!
$155 w/out Stock GWS 370 Motor
$165 with Stock GWS 370 Motor
More information including pics and vids:
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At 18 oz and a GWS 370 motor, the most it is going to blow away is a butterfly.
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The Natural Philosopher
Too bad... I concidered buing either a Flubber or a Jumping Jack, but since my policy is that I dont buy from SPAM sources, I'm putting my money on a Hacker Brisk instead.
I'm almost certain that both Fliton models are good flyers (although a bit underpowered, but so is the Hacker Brisk in stock), and I could buy them locally, now I never know if I missed out a good deal.
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Sad that you will lay off of a good plane because of a post online.
Amazing how you can tell what type of person someone is just by thei posts. FlitonUSA probably doesn't want some lamer like you flyin their planes anyway.
Sad but true.
OH yeah, let me buy you spell check before you SPAM your lame comment some more on these forums
- Bigjam ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted from the Discussion Forums Visit us at
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I suggest you take a look at the videos.
Besides, the motor and battery are entry level stuff that can be upgraded.
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Bob Adkins
A GWS 370 can be pushed to some pretty remarkable limits. Just not for very long..
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mike tully
The GWS 300 is actualy a better animal for that. On LIPO power its not hard to get unlimited vertical in a 12-14ox plane.
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The Natural Philosopher
the 300 is a Mabuchi 370. Same thing. The GWS 350 is the same can, but 6v wind instead of 7.2. Make sure you prop/gear down to 7 or under max amp with 3s lipos or you will cook these motors in short order.
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mike tully

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