Reversing servo (not really R/C related)

Hi, I'm currently working on a project on my car (real one not R/C), I'm
trying to convert my manual slider control for my climate control to a
digital one that was only available in Japan. But since Japanese cars are
right hand drive the servo to control the air mix (to select hot/cold) is
working the wrong way so I need to reverse it. Doing a search on google
groups for a way to reverse the servo gave me almost only results from this
group and other R/C related groups so I thought I'd ask here.
It's a denso servo with 5 wires to it. The pinout info I have is this:
- ground (INPUT)
- air mix hot (OUTPUT)
- air mix cold (OUTPUT)
- air mix potential -5v (OUTPUT)
- air mix potential (INPUT)
I took some pics of the open servo:
formatting link

So is there a way to reverse this servo? Or will I just need to found a more
creative way of mouting it?
Jean-Rene Cormier
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Jean-Rene Cormier
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I tbhink you are screwed. Looks like the PCB has traclks on it to move teh servo to a given position. Unless you reverse teh motors AND make a mirror image PCB, itys not gionna fly.
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The Natural Philosopher

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