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Hi Everyone,
I am a lapsed flyer, I havent flown for about 3 years and plan to get back
into it. I have got a new model and am beginning work on it now. My problem
is this, before I stopped flying, I bought myself a Sanwa RD 6000. My
daughter heard I was getting back into models, and for Christmas has bought
me a Sanwa VG 6000 for Christmas.
I have read through the manual for the VG, and it dosent appear to be very
different from my original equipment. Can anyone please advise me on this? I
know the VG 6000 is newer than my RD 6000, but is it different enough to
hold onto it? If it is basically the same as the old one, I can return it to
the shop and exchange it for something else.
I hope you have all had a great Christmas, and I wish you all a great 2007.
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