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I am trying to buy a plane from a guy in CA. Its built and he is
trying to figure out the best way to ship it. The wing is the problem
I believe since its about 60 inches. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I'd check RCGroups and RCUniverse as there have been threads on this topic.
Depending upon how many pieces the plane can be put into (eg, detachable stab, rudder and wing sections) plus what can be removed temporarily (eg, landing gear, cowling, etc.), you should be able to get it into something smaller than a shiiping crate for a fridge.
A custom-buillt shipping crate is $$$ no matter how it's built. The smaller the box, the easier to ship.
I know that one fairly recent thread from RCG did mention the specific air shipper, but your basic choices are Greyhound, various trucking companies, air freight, and USPS/UPS/Fedex. Prices are all over the place but the list I provided is generally from cheapest to most expensive.
Of course, the easiest way of getting it sent out to you would be to find a modeller going out that way on vacation or coming east. Probably will cost you at least a kit or two to do that.....
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Drive over and collect it.
Or build one tough crate and padding, and hope the couriers don't put a fork lift through it.
The usual practice is to see if you can get teh fork dead center ojn te label thats says 'fragile'
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