Spay-on clothing - possible aeromodelling applications

Spay-on clothing - possible aeromodelling applications
Spay-on clothing is mentioned here:
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I am pondering possible aeromodelling applications.
These might include:
- Local fuselage strengthening - with alternate layers of material and
epoxy resin.
- Making a fuselage by making a light former - possibly a space-frame
covered with film - and then spraying layers of material interspersed
with resin.
- Same with a wing.
- Varying thickness to give stepped varying strength and weight.
There must be many possibilities!
What can you think of?
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There are any they don't include "Aero" models...
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Other than painting weird looking things onto live models, I don't see what value it would bring to aeromodeling. It would be very difficult to control the density.
What are the strength characteristics? How stiff would it be, embedded in an epoxy or resin base?
We use fiberglass, kevlar and carbon cloth for their strength, stiffness and durability with light weight. How would this stuff play in that space?
If you could use it to produce cloth of a uniform weight and density it might be of interest. Or if you could build it up on a form then carve/mill it to a shape it might be an interesting alternative to molded foam.
In it's spraycan form I see no use for it in aeromodeling.
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Ed Anderson

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