Storing CA and Epoxy

Live in Maui and will be gone 5 to 6 months over the summer. I have open
containers of CA and Epoxy. Where is a good place to store them?
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Don and Marion
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At a friend's house so he can use them. Even in the fridge the life of these things isn't that long once they have been opened. Both are cheap. Buy fresh stuff when you get back.
-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh
See the article "CA Working Life" under 'Tech Tips' on my web site.
Works for epoxy as well as CA.
Go one step further and stick the sealed bottles in the 'fridge. Cheers, Fred McClellan The House Of Balsa Dust AMA L180201 IMAA LM 090 NASA 6512 LHA 2 WB 233
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Fred McClellan

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