Any one have an idea how long a typical flight would last? I was told by the manufacturer that the fuel tank is 32 oz.

Related question, anyone know roughly the speed?



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longer than a nanosecond, shorter than a year

faster than a tree, slower than the speed of sound

Hey, you ask general questions, you get general answers.

Now if you would care to specify an ENGINE type and size, that would narrow down the field in both categories quite a bit.

Fuel consumption and airspeed are both affected by MANY items, and the airframe is only ONE of the variables.

more information will probably get you better answers

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Bob Cowell

That's like asking how high is up. It all depends - What engine? What's the finished model weigh? What's your flying style? Retracts or not? Where do you fly (altitude)?


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Chuck Jones

Tough problem to solve, without more info. What engine is being used? How full do you need to fill the tank? Also, for those of us who are not familiar with this particular model - give us some details on its size and weight.


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Olin K. McDaniel

Sorry for not being more specific.

The model I am interested in can be found at

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The fuel tank capacity is 32 oz and I would want to fill it up to its maximum

The desired powerplant is the SuperTigre G-4500 and the propeller would be 22 X 8.



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Even with detail, anything would still be a guess. Once the model is flying, measure it. Start it up and quickly get it up in the air without much idle time. Fly it the way you normally expect to fly it for and exact amount of time like, 5 or 10 minutes. Land it and suck the fule out of it into something you can measure,...subtract it from 32oz,..divide by the number of minutes it was running. You will now know the average fuel burned per minute. Now you can calculate how long 32oz will last,....then land sooner than that.

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Phillip Windell

The G-4500 uses in excess of 2 oz per min at full throttle. allow 2.5 per minute and 32 ounces and that is 12.5 minutes. I would really expect a safe

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Uriah Heep

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