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Hi All,
After a 6year break from flying (photography took over my life) I am now
thinking of returning to the hobby. I have a middle phase 2 & a part
built(90%) mustang with a 48 up front & retracts. I'm really looking for a
60/75 size aircraft that will take my Panasonic MVDX300 3ccd video cam
onboard. I have seen some of the website showing onboard video, mostly with
cheap crappy vid cams.....i am a quality photographer (hence the 3ccd
video) & these cheap cams just don't cut it with us Pro's ;))
Can someone point me in the right direction of aircraft for such things? I
would prefer an aerobatic model(acro-wot style) so that the cam can get some
wicked video footage. I'm looking at spending about £200(UK) on
In the mean time if any of you guys want to see what i've been upto since my
break from R/C aircraft then check out my online portfolio:-
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a different type of
modelling ;)
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Various photography
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this is my personal website.
any of you guys got anything worth shooting? give me a mail
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On a side note, does anyone know of some sites that have pictures and video taken from model aircraft?
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Mike G
There's nothing i like more than finding a love letter from "Mike G" :
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have one video from an electric plane, it breaks up though.
I noticed today that are doing a small camera that can take 25 secs of video for £9.99 called the personcam, i was tempted but as i've only got a park flyer it takes me a good minute or so to get any decent height so i didnt get one, and it doesnt say how much it weighs and how much i could safely strap on to my plane.
Oh well, guess i'll have to leave it to the big boys :)
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Yep, mine...
-- Philip Rawson
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Philip Rawson
Got some on mine also:
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site needs some updating but my cable modem is goin on the fritz and I cannot ftp the updates right now. Got the movies listed here by date with the most recent and better resulting ones at the bottom.
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