rebuild all after crash

I should probably know this, being CSWP an' all, but after a crash
auto-recovered parts open but they're not built properly, as in the tree is
there but it needs a CNTRL-Q type rebuild to create the geometry. This is
fine, but when there is an assembly it goes mental if there is no geometry
for mates etc, so how do you force an entire assembly of parts to rebuild
fully? I've never found the rebuild button, or cntrl-q within an assembly to
be much use,
SW2006 SP4
Thanks in advance,
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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign
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Was it the parts or the assembly that was open when it crashed?
Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign wrote:
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assembly open, parts too, just generally working on stuff, you know how it is - switching between things etc, then BAM: desktop. Autorecover saved my changes but when I open the files following the prompt, nothing is there, and they all require a proper rebuild to get the geometry back.
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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign
I have a macro that someone wrote called Force Rebuild3 that will go through the whole assy file all the way down to the last part and rebuild. Go to
formatting link
to find it.
"Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign" wrote in message news:
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Wayne Tiffany
great, thanks - though dont you think that SW should have this as a function - rebuild all or something?
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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign

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