VMAR Cessna 182 45-60 Engine Choice

Looking at buying this model. On the box it says to use a .45 - .60 2 stroke, however the assembly manual recommends a .60 - .75 2 stroke. Got me a little confused here as to what engine to choose.

Ultimatly I would like to use a 4 stroke engine and am looking at a Saito .80

Does anyone have this model and would be able to recommend what 4 stroke engine I should use?

- Troy

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I would recommend a Saito .91 instead of the .80. The price is about the same. The weight is the same. The .91 has more power.

John VB

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Good luck with vmar. We don't fly them any more at our club. None lasted for more then 3 months or so.

Don't know if they have improved or not. I am not going to try it out.......

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