WANTED: Hallco Black Anodized Landing Gear

I am looking for a Hallco Landing gear. I understand this was the largest gear Hallco made with a wheel to wheel spacing of 17 and 1/2". The two previous landing gears I owned (and, alas sold) were Black Anodized. I understand that Hallco also made this gear in a clear anodized finish. If you have such a gear or know of a source, I would appreciate an email with price and/or a source for such a gear. Since Hallco went out of business some years ago, it is very difficult to come by their products...even on EBAY....which I scour every day. I don't know the stock or model number for this gear, but I wish to replace the junk gear that comes with the senior telemaster kit with this landing gear. I have had a senior telemaster with the Hallco on it and it is superb for flying from grass fields and rough terrain with

6" Dubro wheels installed. The stock gear will not stand up to rough lalndings. Thanks for reading my post and hope to hear from someone. If you know of any other net sites that I sould post to please send me the URL and I will do so.
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Well, I remember the Hallco gear very well...as compared to the thickeer aluminum gear you can get today, I would not buy the Hallco.

I dont recall using any of the largest they made, but I have a number of the smaller onew which would ALWAYS bend on a hard landing. I fyou knew the part number of the particular Hallco gear you wanted, it might help someone come up with one. FrankSchwartz

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Frank Schwartz

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