WRAM Show - Westchester NY - Feb 25-27

Anyone going?

I will be presenting a seminar at the WRAM show on Friday and Saturday from 1 to 1:45pm. The topic is =93electric gliders =96 the best of electric airplanes and gliders combined=94.


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Maybe I will see you there

Ed Anderson President, Long Island Silent Flyers Newsletter Editor - Eastern Soaring League

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Ed Anderson
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Heck yeah!!! I make the drive down from the Adirondacks every year. I'm hoping to be there for opening on Friday a.m. The weather forecast is kind of iffy, but I have an AWD Subaru Forester and not much can keep me off the streets and highways. :-)

If I'm there, I'll be sure to attend!

Thanks, Mr. Anderson.

Good flying, desmobob

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Robert Scott

I will be there. I look forward to the seminar.

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