A2000i.. Hard Drive Running..With Win 2000

I have been using A2000i for awhile with no problems. I recently go a new
laptop computer Dell Latitude loaded with Windows 2000 Professional. I find
now when I load A2000i my hard drive starts to run..almost
continuously..effecting the movement of the cursor on my drawing..when the
hard drive runs it makes the cursor hesitat or skip..
Has anyone else had similar problem?? I have downloaded the trial version
of A2004 and it does not have the problem..the most annoying thing is the
cursor movement..
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Are the drawings very large? With Win 2000 and AutoCAD you need at least 256MB memory, and 512 MB is better. Reduce the other programs and stuff that loads when Windows starts. Setting the virtual memory to fixed at 1 GB will help but you need more memory.
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Tim S

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