about .*ac$

i have some problems with my *ac$ files! I cannot find them........ I
installed Xp professional on my pc and now it'is impossible to find the
automatic save file that before, in Windows 2000, were stollen in Windows'
temporary files carpet that now doesn't exist in Xp professional version!
another problem that appeared is that my mouse lost all the autocad's
funcions like pan and scroll........ i tried to reinstalled by mouse's
properties but it doesn't work. How can i do the resolve the problem?
thank's to everyone could help me!
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Look in:
C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Local Settings\Temp
Note that "Local Settings\Temp" are HIDDEN files... so you'll never see them unless you have Hidden Folders set to be seen (File Explorer... Tools, Options... View tab).
ps: while you are at it, in the Temp folder, you might want to delete all unused 'temp' files too...
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Mr. B
Create a separate folder for these things, someting like "$swap$". Put all the autocad swap files, xref stuff in there. Easy to find, easy to recover, easy to clean up.
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