Any ideas on freaky problem?

Ok, here's a weird one. Yesterday I managed to create a new problem, and
I'm not sure what can be done about it. After installing Sw05 sp0 and doing
several other maintenance related reboots, my computer failed to boot.
After a couple more tries, it booted, but then BSOD. rebooting again,
everything seems normal. Except for one thing: SW now sorts items in the
open dialog box by date, instead of alphabetical order. The same problem
appeared in 03, 04, and 05 at the same time. I've reinstalled 05 hoping to
clear any corrupted .dll files, but that did no good.
Any ideas?
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Dale Dunn
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You say all appears normal, but have you looked at other dialog boxes, say in Word, etc? Strange indeed.
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Wayne Tiffany
"Wayne Tiffany" wrote in news:
Yeah, they sorted by name. I checked Excel and Acad. Really strange.
A co-worker and I just figured it out. Here's the answer just for reference: In Windows Explorer, make sure the items are being sorted the way you like. Then go to Tools, Folder Options, View, and click Apply to All Folders. He likes to sort by type, so all his assemblies float to the top.
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Dale Dunn
But you still have no idea what caused the BSOD and refusal to boot? Those kinds of problems would worry me no end.
Dale Dunn wrote:
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Sporkman wrote in news:
No clear idea. A few suspicious items in the system log is all the evidence I can find. It's not worth the time to chase it. Not that I like it.
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Dale Dunn
Similar problem I have is this. The Pallet Parts folders are not arrange alphabetically and there is no way to force this that I can find. When I read your post I thought that was the answer I was looking for. But it doesn't work in win2k. Does anyone have a fix?
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Not Necessarily Me
seems like win2k and all the other win os never really worked when it came to applying folder settings accross the board in my experience, but in winxp pro it seems to hold pretty good. i got one for you. i installed an hp all in one and as best i can tell it added a new user to my xp pro install forcing me to select my logon name everytime and reset a crap load of users setting like favs, how things look etc. i've thought about deleting the new user account but am afraid if i do itll force a redo on the printer, not a big deal but annoying!
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You could just block the account.
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Corey Scheich

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