Select features from one part to create a new part

In Solidworks 2003, is there a way to select a set of features in a part and then create a new, separate part from just those selected features?

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John Williams
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When you say features, do you mean individual features, sketches or bodies? What confuses me is a "set" of features, that could me many things but generally I would say, no, you can not select a set, it would be individual and it would mean starting with sketches (copy/paste) on specific planes/features.

Otherwise, a few ways you can do this are:

Incontext (via assembly). - bring the parent part and child part into an assembly and edit the child part incontext, copy or derive, sketches, planes,... from the parent part. - then, if you want you can break those dependencies.

Insert Part - insert the parent part (limited too) solid bodies, surface bodies, planes, axes and cosmetic threads into a child, select what you need.

Copy/Paste simple features or Drag and drop sketches, to and from parts. - see "Drag and Drop" in the onlin help.


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Paul Salvador

Or just Save As Copy, then delete features you don't need from the new part. Add what you do need.

-nick e.

Paul Salvador quipped:

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Nick E.

You can also use Split Part or save the multibodies as assembly.

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Mike J. Wilson

You can create a new configuration of the original part, with features suppressed. Then insert the part, creating a derived component (Base Part pre SW2003) into your new part.

The other option is to insert the part, creating a derived component (Base Part pre SW2003) into you new part and just delete the features you don't want.

-- Tony O'Hara Melbourne, Australia.

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Tony O'Hara

Seems to me the easiest way to do this is to do a "save as copy" of the original part to the new part number. Then simply delete those features in the new part that you don't want to keep.

cheers bob

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Try 'Save As...' Library Feature.

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

Thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions!

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John Williams

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