Xtracrylix problem... Any ideas?

Just tried airbrushing Xtracrylix for the first time on my Eurofighter, and it didn't go very well. The airframe is preshaded with enamel (a month or so ago, so it's well and truly cured) and has been wet sanded overall, so there can't be any release agent left. Using Barley Grey overall, it just didn't seem to want to "take", and shrank into blobs all over the surface, until I overloaded it to the point where the whole aircraft was wet, and puddling! Fortunately, I nipped indoors and ran it under the hot tap, and the whole lot washed straight off again, so no permanent harm done, but I must be doing something VERY wrong... I thinned with screen wash as usual with acrylics -- could that be it? Do you have to use special Xtracrylix thinner?

Any ideas would be much appreciated, and I've learned my lesson about experimenting first.

Bestest, M.

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Matt Bacon
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Could be. Or paint not stirred enough in its jar, or thinned too much...

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Serge D. Grun

Actually, I've seen the same blobbing on bare plastic, and even when uilding up several thin coats, those tended to crack in various places. It is very picky about what it will stick to.


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Rob van Riel

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