I just got my new Iwata Eclipse- SWEET!

I ordered an Eclipse CS airbrush from bear Air, got it the next day. (I live in the same state.)

Anyways, I tried it out last night-- it is a really nice airbrush. I'll be using it with Pollyscale and MM acrylics. I got out an old Monogram Spitfire kit, and tried painting a couple of parts "sky".

My first attempt was't so great- a little too much air pressure, with paint that was too thin. I started tweakign, and had an OK combo after a few attempts.

Still I'm posting to get an idea of what others are using as a starting point when airbrushing Pollyscale with an Eclipse.. How much do YOU thin the paint, and at what pressure do you use it?

I was getting OK results with 20 psi, with the paint thinned about 20% with distilled water. That was OK for area coverage, but I still haven't figured out how to do the really thin lines that the Eclipse should be able to do....

TIA for any help....


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