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Which dilution is best to use with Testor's PLA Enamel (the little square bottles) paints? How much air pressure should I use with my airbrush ?

Thank you.

François Turcotte Jonquière, Québec.

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François Turcotte
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It's been a long time since I tried to spray some of this paint. My first question is why bother? There's hardly enough in one of the teeny bottle to paint anything very much with an airbrush.

To sort of answer your question, thin the paint until it will come out of our airbrush, by trial and error. Keep in mind it will be pretty thin runny and won't stick all that good on anything. What are you thinning it with?

My advice would be to use some real paint that is intended for airbrushing, such as Floquil or one of the new acrylics that don't need thinnning.

Good luck!

Bob Boudreau

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OTOH, there are some colors in PLA that aren't available elsewhere. It's also a "Hi-Gloss" enamel finish that you can't get with model railroad paints without using other additives.

I still use it a LOT for painting my HO automobiles.


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