Old revell enamel paints

one of my friends found in the attic very old revell email colors with codes which don't exist anymore and he doesn't recall when, where and why he bought them. These are:
41, 44, 63, 64, 72 and 73.
There's no info on the internet sites we know and no result at while googling. Does anybody know where to find information about these colors?
What were they? RLM-colors? FS? Anything else?
Appreciate any kind of info
Best regards
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Selman Yarar
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When I was stationed in Germany, I bought a bunch of Revell of Germany enamel paints in little tins like Humbrol uses. I remember buying colors based on the cap color which was the color of the contents.
I Googled revell of germany enamel tins and came up with scores of photos and pictures of charts. Here is an eBay auction that uses some sort of code for the "email" line.
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Another possibility based on a search of "revelle model paint" from the revelle germany web site is
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Interestingly, your numbers are specifically missing from the right hand digits of the left column of the Revelle cross reference guide. IE, I might guess that your 41 is a greenish color, your 44 is a grey/green color, your 63/64 colors are greens and your 73/74 are grays.
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