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I just started a Tower Fun 51 profile and have a VQ P-51 coming. I have a GMS 47 with a tuned pipe and an Irvine 53 coming. I was planning on putting the Irvine in the profile but would like input on whether that is the best decision. Both are 40 sized planes and I obviously want great aerobatics from the profile plane. Which engine should go in which plane to get the best performance from both? Thanks in advance.

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Either one should work on either plane. Tuned pipes do not always need to be tuned for peak RPMs. They can also be tuned for better performance with larger props. The GMS is very good with larger props and the tuned pipe could really enhance that. Remember one thing, though. Engines running with tuned pipes tend to run best within a narrower RPM range and may be tempermental outside that range. For 3D and aerobatic use, the Irvine might be better. Or, leave the tuned pipe off the GMS and there won't be much difference between them.

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