Question about cleaning airbrush

I am not a complete newbie but more of an occasional model builder. I
own an iwata eclipse airbrush which I use only with Tamiya acrylics for
easy clean up.
I use krylon in a can as a primer and recently heard that better
results were obtained by airbrushing it. I sprayed Krylon in a cup then
poured in my iwata eclipse and airbrushed without thinking a minute
this wasn't a water based medium.
So I got some mineral spirit and cleaned the airbrush but is it safe
now to use it tamiya acrylics again?
How do I know for sure? I ran some water through it after the mineral
spirit and it comes out clear.
Shall I do something else?
Thanks a lot
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as long as you clean completely when swicthing paints, you should be fine. i've used both types in my passh with no problems unless i didn't clean well enough.
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Thank-you I feel better now.
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