More discoveries of Vista Ultimate descrepancies

This is my fourth post on this really bad operating system. Microsoft Moviemaker will not allow a web cam to import movies. Tried a few tricks and it simply will not find the web cam on a USB port that has drivers installed. Official high priced Microsoft Office for Business products continue to crash on an average of 5 times every 4 hours and Internet Explorer 7 also crashes. From previous posts: Microsoft for students and teachers does not include Outlook for mail and you have to use Windows Mail that will not allow the importation of Outlook .pst files from XP systems. Vista Home Premium will not allow you to use a fax modem; Vista Ultimate will. After installing Vista Ultimate many normally used directories such as My Documents are no longer available. The contents are moved to c:\users\[your_user_area]\Documents If you want to downgrade to XP first you have to upgrade from Vista Home Premium then you can downgrade to XP Professional

Interviews with some professionals that I know reveal that Microsoft employees told MS that Vista needed further testing, but MS went ahead and shipped the product as is. One major airline that installed Vista in their computers later downgraded back to XP.


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Gerald Newton
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Ever STOP to think that it may be your really bad hardware?

It runs fine on over 70% of what is currently out in the channel. How old is that brick doorstop crap computer you have? If it is older than

2.5 years, it may well NOT be on the hardware list.

But hey, you know somebody at MicroSoft, right?

Maybe you should check out 7

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I am using a new HP desktop machine with 3 gigs of ram, and a Pentium quad set for 32 bits with 2 - 320 gig hardrives, 24 inch screen. I have a Vista Home premium on a gateway laptop that runs fine for home stuff, but I only use it for gmail and browsing the web. The desktop is used for business. Really, the people that I know are not novices and are very professional and they tell me Vista is not debugged. One is a Redmond debugger at MS. If MS knew he was he would be gone I did get a reply for one of the crashes from MS that said if the default printer is an HP DeskJet that the Office products would close sporadically and to set the default printer to the document .xps mode and they were working in it. I was using a DeskJet, but that did not stop it. I run three to five applications open at a time and have owned about 20 computers since 1982 starting with the Osborne and Kaypro 10 8-bit DOS machines. I have been using XP on another laptop and it works like a dream. I have upgraded to Vista Ultimate and to Office for business and just wasted another $500. I wished I had bought XP with this machine. The bottom line is Vista sucks.

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A lot of us have been saying that for a long time. Unfortunately, such is the power of Mickysoft, a lot of manufacturers won't supply XP any longer

- or charge you a fat wad extra if they do.

Use Linux.

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Has it really taken you this long to realise Vista is a mega-PITA? I'm sure the rest of us have. Now, be a good boy and stop dripping.


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John Nice

Dontcha love it? M$ is not compatible with M$. Just pathetic. 8-|

(Open source) is available gratis.

(Open source) Firefox or (its big brother) SeaMonkey are available gratis.

Old name: Outlook Express (aka "Outbreaks in Excess"). The least-secure app on the planet.

When will you finally get tired of M$ holding your data for ransom? (Open source) Thunderbird or (its big brother) SeaMonkey will import your old files and both are available gratis.

Only M$ pulls this crap. OS X doesn't; Linux doesn't. When will you finally get tired of Bait-and-Switch?

See "OS X" and "Linux" (above).

It's actually WORSE than that: Longhorn (Vista's in-development name) had all the new, cool, whiz-bang stuff stripped out of it when they couldn't get it working and what was left was "Vista": a bunch of new code that performed basically the same tasks as the old codebase

--except that it had NEW BUGS in it

--without any real new, useful features. ...but it *did* give M$ something to shove out the door.

What *was* added to Vista is eye candy and DRM. Now, Vista (running on the same hardware) runs at half the speed that XP does.

Again: Preaching to the choir. To extend the thought: Don't give M$ any more money. See "VirtualBox" and "W2k" (below).

See "Linux" (above). For those must-have Windoze-compatible apps:

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Moving to Open Source apps (OpenOffice, Mozilla) allows you to gradually shift to an all-Free Software existance for the mundane everyday stuff. As suggested by Stuart in this thread, the final step is to dump the closed source payware OS.

Establishing a relationship with your local x86 vendor and having him build you a muscular box **sans M$ OS**[1] allows you to run a *virtual* environment. With Linux as the host OS and an old copy of W2k[2] in the sandbox, when you close the virtual session, any infections and Windoze-related nonsense goes *poof*.

...and WINE may allow you to run your old must-have apps

**totally** M$-free. (Smart developers are making sure their Windoze apps are WINE-compliant; BRILLIANT developers started doing this YEARS ago.)
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$ . . [1] The big vendors are slow to change. As they are basically still in league with The Borg, they are NOT your friend. [2] No Windows Product Activation.
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There are other options, such as Solaris.

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Didn't you mean Open Solaris?

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FunkyPunk FieldEffectTrollsistor

Maybe give this a try old boy

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Kirk Johnson "Stretching Specialist"

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Kirk Johnson

And, you're wasting your time regurgitating already known information already known to millions of people.

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Yeah you're a bit behind the curve. Have you tried getting rid of all the crapware HP puts on their pcs? Some of that stuff really loads down a system.

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