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I'll admit to ignorance up front. I did a test upgrade of an XP HDD with
Vista Ultimate. The drive had SWX '07 on it and after the upgrade '07
wouldnt run at all. Not even after a delete and reinstall of SWX. Checked
the SWX site and noted SWX Vista.
Has either my upgrade to Vista failed or my reinstall of SWX or does '07 in
fact not run in Vista ? Only SWX vista ?
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Which of course means that SW will now be concurrently supporting
SW2007 SW2007 64bit SW2007 Vista
Since the number of beta testers on 64bit or Vista is going to be much smaller than regular SW we might infer that these versions will also be buggier or will take longer to get to a reasonably stable state.
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Kind of a dissapointment. Anyone heard of a timetable where SWX will be release for Vista or are we waiting for '08 ? I had seen a post from SWX on this board a while back regarding Vista nd they were unsure as to whether they will support '07 for it.
Also the EULA of Vista is a bit daunting too.
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Don't be in a hurry to "ruin your day", unless you just like to experiment.
I would never upgrade to a new version of an OS until at least 1-2 major patches are out for something like SolidWorks, and then only if I can see a high level of performance.
XP, when properly set up, can run SolidWorks just fine, and I rarely interract with the OS when working on SolidWorks, so I just don't care about the OS, as long as it doesn't get in my way of getting work out.
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Just won't happen. Linux doesn't pay software writers to use their OS because Linux doesn't exist. Can Linux sponsor SWW?
And if I was going to get Linux into the CAD spotlight I would port DWGEditor there first. That would make a dent in all the right places.
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Well,,,, they better have a plan B, because we will be dropping Solidworks when their support for XP is over. We'll probably take a number of our clients with us, and our new clients for sure. We're probably directly responsible for selling several hundred seats.
I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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quoted text -
SW Vista EV version will be release with SW SP3 coming sometime mid this month.
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I have a hard time understanding the connection to MS. The workload of keeping up with all the OS versions must be growing exponentially. With linux, they could have total control of the OS, and bundle it, even. As it is now, I pretty much keep a workstation "clean" of almost all other software to minimize the bugginess and sluggishness in swx and Windows. For stability and speed, I'd be happy to have a somewhat dedicated OS for swx. I have a feeling that the "next big thing" in mcad will do exactly that. bill
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bill allemann
With maybe 750,000 SolidWorks users by next year this time, I simply can not believe that SolidWorks Corp can not pay for the entire SolidWorks World in San Diego.
Lots and lots of UNIX applications & CAD exist, but UNIX doesn't pay for developers in any way either, as far as I know.
I think it is just simple management logic to say that a universal "Crescent Wrench" (ala Windows XP or VISTA) is not the best tool for production manufacturing. For average business & personal use Windows is OK & probably terrific. For heavy scientific calcs & simulations, UNIX or mainframe super computer solutions are best.
For anything like 3D CAD which a user uses heavy 4-6+ hours a day, why not use the OS that is fastest and most error free, so the dedicated user gets the most work done? Given that the SWks Software costs more in maintenance fees each year (with a few options) than the average PC costs, there is little reason to use a sub-optimal OS given the SWks yearly cost and the value of the engineer/designer using SWks.
I'll bet that options are being considered in a lot of Windows' developers internal planning meetings.
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bob z. hasn't laughed this hard in a really long time. unfortunately, good ol' bob z. is sure you weren't trying to make a joke.
bob z. p.s. vEE-stah!!!
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bob zee
A few observations:
According to this list SW will work with all versions of Vista from Home to Enterprise which is at odds with SW own statements.
SW may work, but nowhere are Cosmos or any of the analysis addins mentioned. Will SW Premium work?
Will DWGEditor or eDRawings work with it.
Symantec AV is nowhere to be seen. Only Trend AV seems to make the cut.
Only the latest versions of MicroSoft Office products are certified. Other will work with it, but are not certified. ACAD is also in the will work with it category.
UG and ProE are absent. So is CATIA. NIX Ansys, Nastrans and many other engineering analysis packages.
I'll bet Playstation or Xbox have more certified titles.
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Q: Will COSMOS products be available with the Beta version? A: COSMOSWorks, COSMOSMotion are available for Beta 1 and COSMOSFloWorks will be available for Beta 2.
Q: What other products will not be available for SolidWorks Vista Beta? A: Rhino import, MoldflowXpress, Electrical Harnessing portion of Routing, and PDMWorks Enterprise.
(This is NOT a recommendation for Vista, just info.)
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