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If the guy hates Vista that much I think he should stay with XP or Linux.
It seems to me like most of his complaints are based on Vista not having his preferences as defaults. Some of his complaints are that it is too different and some that it is too much like XP. Come on mister, make a choice.
In my experience Vista does present a steep learning curve but so does Linux, also XP when it came out. Vista is not a good OS to upgrade to unless you have a capable computer but before long all new computers will be equipped with it so eventually we'll have to learn to like it or fall by the wayside.
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"or fall by the wayside"? I don't think so.
My next computer is going to be a Mac, hands down. We have one in the house already, my son has one for his high school. He has had it since last August, without a need to reboot it even once. The damed machine just works, ... and how. I have been borrowing it from him for a bunch of stuff.
Oh, I was at MacWorld last week (I live in San Francisco), the iPhone is so cool, it's unreal. All those "smart phones" with their stupid little keyboards are soooo dead! Palm Treo anyone, I don't think so.
What I have seen of Vista is so lame, I can leave it easily, without "falling by the wayside".
The Leopard rocks!
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If he does not like vista he can get one of the new Macs, and use the Mac OS for secure mail and web browsing with no virus problems, and Windows or linux for special programs.
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Mike Swift
Yup, that's my plan for my next hardware purchase. I'm having a hard time seeing a down-side to that. Although, I don't see any point installing Linux on a Mac hardware, when MacOSX is a perfectly functional Unix system already.
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Dave Hinz

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