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What is your opinion and experience with what you believe to be the best
clear and dull coat materials. Lacquer, enamel, acrylic or ?
Thanks for your time and thoughts.
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Bruce Apple
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Pollyscale flat hands down for the flattest finish! Simply the best.
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Hub & Diane Plott III
in article OUYmg.927$ snipped-for-privacy@southeast.rr.com, Hub & Diane Plott III at snipped-for-privacy@mindspring.com wrote on 6/23/06 5:18 PM:
I second that -- I like Polly Scale Flat the best by far. For gloss coats, I seem to vacillate between Future, Floquil's Crystal Cote and Polly Scale Gloss.
Pip Moss
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Pip Moss
For a gloss overcoat, I prefer Testor's Clear Gloss lacquer. Stinks like hell, but gives good results.
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The Old Man

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