3rd post on Windows Vista Problems - now using Vista Ultimate

I have made 2 previous posts about Vista. Now after having upgraded to Microsoft Office for Business and Vista Ultimate I have new problems to report. If the default printer is set to a HP DeskJet Microsoft Products will close sporadically and when you attempt to close them they will give an error. Microsoft says they and HP are working on the problem and in the meantime set the default printer to the XPS document modee. Internet Explorer 7 crashes again and again and I have had to use the ctrl-alt-delete keys to get to the task manager to close IE. I again conferred with an employee at MS who told me that they (the people testing Vista) at Microsoft told their managers that Vista needed many more tests and patches before shipping. They were not listened to and Microsoft went ahead and shipped Vista.

A little recap: Vista Home Premium will not allow use of a fax card. Microsoft Office for Students and Teachers does not include Outlook for mail and Windows mail will not allow you to import Outlook pst mail folders. The bottom line is Vista is a bad investment at this time. Stick with XP.

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Gerald Newton
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Why did you buy it when your butt sausage at MS told you it was useless?

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