Damn Vista...what version of SW do I need now?!?!

OK, now I have to drop another $5000 on *another* version of
Yes, this is how we keep programmers busy.
It's just frustrating when you get profficient in one piece of
software, and Microsoft goes and throws out another half-assed
operating system, which forces everyone to re-write versions and
service packs.
If there is a stable version of SW for Vista? ... please point me to a
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I recently bought 3 HP workstation laptops that came with Vista by default. I told HP I would not be buying them unless XP Pro was installed. They contacted Microsoft and were told it was not a problem as purchasors of Vista can get a free downgrade (LMAO) Anyway the laptops were deliverd with licensed XP Pro on them PLUS the OEM licensed unopened Vista disks for future upgrade should we wish. Ask if you can downgrade, why buy a $7000 piece of software to suit a $350 OS?
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Too late, Vista is here like an annoying in-law.
Does SW2008 work on Vista?
Works better if you run it in XP mode.
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Only 2008 Works fine on Windows Vista. there was 2007 version called Solidworks 2007 Vista edition, but i don't know if it was only beta version or full version
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Lukasek SW

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