Acad2K extrude problems

Hi all,
I am having some difficulty in drawing simple pipe runs in 3D. I have no
experience with 3D, but have nutted out some slab layouts etc, but have the
following problem:
If I draw pipe CL, if it is not in an ortho plane then the extrusion of a
circular face does not follow the path, but follows what appears to be the
projection of the CL onto the ortho plane. I have tried setting UCS to the
object, namely the pipe CL, then rotating around the appropriate axis to get
Z in the right direction, but the result is the same.
I see that extruding a face along a path may do the trick, but I cannot get
the circle which represents the end of the pipe to be recognised as a face /
solid area.
Any suggestions as to where I'm going wrong?
The drawings are just simple representations for visualisation purposes.
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You are obviously doing something wrong, but it is hard to tell what exactly. If the pipe just a strait one than you don't need to extrude a circle along a CL. If the pipe has bends and turns and so on than your best shot is to get TUBEX.lsp, which draws a pipe along a set of lines. Anyway, since you are in Australia we could sort the problem over the phone. Some times it is a faster way than writing a whole set of instructions. I am in WA, where about are you?
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Igor Mironenko

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