Aerial Images

I have an aerial image (JPG format) I am trying to bring them into a
drawing using Raster Design. Below is the .jgw (in feet) associated
with the drawing. My problem is, I can't get the insert image to place
it where it needs to go, any ideas what I might being doing wrong?
thanks in advance
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One thing that's caught me out is the UNITS setting for the drawing. It = overrides everything else. I was inserting a correctly georeferenced = image into a drawing correctly assigned a coordinate system using = metres. BUT the drawing had UNITS set to mm and Raster Design scaled the = image up.
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Sometimes I get caught by units or there is an original image size stored in the JPG/TIF that gets in the way. So when all else fails I draw a box that defines the area where the image should be, then I insert the image and move and scale it to fit the box.
ie. If the above image is 5000x6000 pixels, then it's size should be 16404.165x19684.998. So I'd draw a box that size starting at the x,y coordinate specified above.
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Tim Arheit

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