AutoCad & Voice commands

I was using Autocad 2000 with a very good speech reconigtion software called
Voice Xpress which has since gone under....... this program worked excellent
with AutoCad in that I could speak commands very easily........ for example
I could say "menu Draw Line" and the Line command would be issued,
and with each command I could just say "Enter" without having to hit the
Enter key.
So I know there are plenty of speech reconigtion software packages out
there, but which one works the best with Autocad 2000...... I'm not looking
for a good dictation software, but rather something that can handle a
programs standard commands........
Since I upgraded to Windows XP, Voice Xpress is no longer able to
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I can hit "enter" on the mouse quicker than I can say "enter" why would you want to use voice software? Are you dissabled?
d> I was using Autocad 2000 with a very good speech reconigtion software called
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While I was going to say more or less the same thing, it doesn't really answer the OP's question. I know nothing about speech-recognition, but L>RightClick would probably beat "menu" alone.
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Michael Bulatovich
Yes I am........
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I use W2000 Pro with Autocad 2000. I have Dragon Naturally Speaking software. It will stumble through mtext, but I cannot recommend it for commands. I have not played with it enough to shoot it down entirely, but I am glad I don't have to rely on voice reconition software with Autocad.
I am wondering why someone would "upgrade" to an OS like XP if a critical program won't go along with you.
Can you uninstall XP?
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Roy Knapp
When you buy a New Laptop, it comes with Windows XP, and I didn't know that this program would no longer work....... most operating systems are backward compatible........ thats why MS-DOS is still found in Windows..........
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