I have over 30 years experience of CAD for printed circuit design and
circuit layout ( Daisy Boardmaster, Orcad,
Protel, Altium etc. ).
I have now been asked to use Autocad for drawing up a companies circuit
diagrams.I have used Autocad and
Autocad Lt for mechanical drawing but have until now, never used it for
electrical circuits.
I would be grateful if somebody in this newsgroup could direct me into
finding any free already compiled
libraries for electrical circuits, I am looking for analogue and digital
component symbols ( motors, switches discretes
as well as logic symbols . ).
I do not know which version of Autocad they will expect me to work with, can
I assume library items ( blocks )
created in say version 14 will work in Autocad 2000 or will there be a
problem in this area.
I would appreciate all the help I can get so as to adapt as smoothly and
painlessly into this work, thanking you
in advance, I look forward to any information you may offer me.
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John Law
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symbols vary, and you will have questions of scale if text is involved at all. assume it will be.
symbol libraries, not approved.
better, get some examples of what they expect to see, symbol-wise. copy those. if they don't already have a symbol set, then be certain that all your symbols are blocks. that way you can draw now and edit globally later as needed. right?
every time I do a fire alarm plan, I have to switch around the symbols to match the criteria of the client. them's the berries.
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