Thanks for the input on the octagonal shingle hatch pattern.
No joy.
Ended up reinventing the wheel.
Good news, new wheel is round like old wheel.
*oct, octagonal shingles
90, 0,4, 8,8, 4,-12
135, 4,0, 11.3137,11.3137, 5.65685,-5.65685
0, 4,0, 8,8, 8,-8
45, 12,0, 11.3137,11.3137, 5.65685,-5.65685
I promised I would let you know my solution, if I had to do it myself.
Four puny lines of code. My head hurts. Makes me feel stupid.
Now I need to write half a dozen more hatch patterns so I don't forget what
those offsets and dashed lines are all about. At least not too soon.
Oh, it looks much better with a 0.5 scale factor.
Looks right even.
Now I must make it look right for the anile retentive client's roof on his
8 sided tower.....
Head hurts. Need more beer.
If this were easy, we'd let the women do it.
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Roy Knapp
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LOL. Hatch is like that.
That's "anal retentive". Here's a trick I've done in the past. Figure out the factor that an orthogonal view of an oblique face is compressed. Redraw the boundary of the oblique hatch, say with a PLINE. Make a block out of the PLINE, then insert it into the drawing, using the inverse of the above mentioned squish-factor for the scale in the direction in which the plane is oblique, WHILE USING 1 FOR THE OTHER DIMENSIONS. What you get is a boundary that is stretched in the dimension in which the original boundary is "squished". Set your SNAPBASE or origin to an appropriate point, and hatch the new , stretched boundary. Make a block out of the new hatch, using an intelligent point for the insertion, then insert the hatch-block into the original "squished" boundary or area using the original "squish factor" for the scale of the block in the dimension in which it needs to be reduced, WHILE USING 1 FOR THE OTHER DIMENSIONS. What you end up with is a hatch that looks right on an oblique face in an orthogonal projection. It's only for the very "anal", so wash your hands after doing it. ; )
I'm drinking a "Fin du Monde" right now......A REALLY fine 9% beer from Quebec. Makes me glad I'm Canadian.
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Michael Bulatovich
I'm jealous.....but it's like 3 in the afternoon. Oh Yeah, thats here in Alaska. Your a couple hours later, aren't you. Oh well, we have a couple pretty decent Alaska made beers here (not 9% though), but I gotta wait a coulpe more hours. Back to CADD.
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Steve W
yes, it is. never claimed to be able to spell. what I did was hatch a rectangle with the first pattern, rotate it 3d 45 degrees, explode the hatch, remove the z components, ID my endpoints and edit the pattern.
looks like this when your're done:
*oct45, octagonal shingles @ 45 degrees 90, 0,2, 4,2.8284, 2,-6 305.264, 0,2, 3.2660,4.6188, 2.4495,-2.4495 0, 1.4142,0, 2.8284,4, 2.8284,-2.8284 54.735, 4.2426,0, 1.6330,4.6187, 2.4495,-2.4495
maybe I have no taste, in my mouth, I kind of favor Moose Head.... I was not so thunk as some people might drink.
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