Blocks covering objects in ACAD 2006LT?

Is there a way to have a block cover existing objects on a drawing? For
example: I'm an electrical contractor and many times I want to place an
exhaust fan block over a toilet - which is usually a block also. I would
like to have the portion of the toilet block be invisible where it is
covered by the exhaust fan block so as to make things appear less confusing.
Do I do that by using a white solid hatch when I create my fan block, but I
feel there must be a better way. TIA
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Paul S.
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I like this way.
I make the outside line on a symbol block a region. Then when I insert the block I give it a positive Z. When things work, she hides. Electrical devices covering conduit - super cool. Columns covering brick hatch on architectural elelvations - problimatic. Wish it worked all the time.
My block for an exhaust fan is a square with a diagonal line. I would think this would be a case where it would cover a toilet block nicely, and consistently.
Good luck.
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You might have to use draworder on the block(s) to ensure the intended block stays aloft.
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