Cannot purge blocks

I have a drawing that has no elements in it. I've done a select all and
deleted everything - no xrefs or attached images either. yet the file is
over 5mb of unreferenced blocks. The purge command won't get rid of them.
How the heck do I get rid of them.
I know that I can create a new file and work from there. But this file is
just an extreme case of a problem that continually occurs. I'd like to have
a solution to purge blocks are truely not used within the file.
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George Tidrick
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George, If you could zip up the file and email it to me at: miff at sonic dot net I would be happy to try to locate the cause and give you a solution for this and the other drawings.
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Hi George. Try this. Open the drawing and wblock out the drawing to a new name. Use a window to select, don't use *. Make sure you have no layers you want to keep, frozen. Open up the new drawing. Is it any better?? Best Regards Baz
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Baz 's technique will purge all(most) 'unwanted ' chaff. Be aware however, it will purge all extenal references including XREF, VIEWS, etc.
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There is a program from Manusoft called Superpurge, that will purge anything; blocks, layers, linetypes, text types, anything, whether or not they are in use. I find it very useful.
Manusoft can be reached at:
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JACK Goldstein
A simple solution create a block with the same name as you can't purge (select a simple line) At the question "do you want to redefine it " respond "yes" Delete the new bloc and purge it and that's all you save money and space on your HD
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Cbt Bloy

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