Customization problem

Autocad 2004:
I create new toolbars and create my own icons and whe I return to autcad
after shutting down my icons have either turned into little clouds with ?
inside or they have changed to different ones I created before (swithched)??
Has anyone had this problem?
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Mady B
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Did you save your icons in your Acad search path ?
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Brian Spillane
You have two choices after you make an icon, save and save as..I just used save, figured it saved it automatically to a autocad search path. I have found my icons in a very obscure directory (C:\Documents and Settings\mady\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2004\R16.0\enu\Support) I can't figure out what difference it should make wether they are here or in a directory I point to with name that describes the icon in the autocad search path.
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Mady B
Go into you .mns file. You will notice that AutoCAD had its own idea for the file names for your .bmp files. Therefore, change those names with your names and make they are in your search path.
I would suggest that you delete all other menu files, .mnc, .mnl, .mnr, .mnu. The all have your menu name. AutoCAD will recreate and recompile them
Good luck.
W. Kirk Crawford Rochester Hills, Michigan
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W. Kirk Crawford

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