Is there a way to modify dimstyles to dimension in inches instead of
ex: 12'-9" to 153"
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If you want to preserve the ability to input feet and inches but only dimension in inches:
In the dimension style dialog, set the units to decimal or fractional as required, and set the dimension suffix to the inch mark.
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Michael Bulatovich
If you are just changing a few dimensions with in the drawing you can individually change that particular dimension settings thru the properties dialogue box.
Grip the dimension > open the properties dialogue (ctrl 1) > go to sub paragraph (Lack of better term) called "Primary Units" > Look for the two Items, >first one called "Dim Units" change from Architectural to Fractional > than look for "Dim Suffix" and add double quotes for the inches.
You can create a Lisp routine for this. I have one but it is not clean. You are welcome to it if you want.
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Boris the Spider

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